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Inca Pallay is a non-for-profit fairtrade association, compromising of more than 400 indigenous weavers and artisans, living in the ethical regions of Jalq'a and Tarabuco, in the province of Chuquisaca, Bolivia. Created to help indigenous people living in rural areas of extreme poverty, Inca Pallay aims to both conserve the cultural identity of the Jalq'a and Tarabuco communities, as well as improve the economic conditions and way of life for its artisans. Through organizing the necessary workshops and administration, and commercializing the products on a local, national and international level, its members are able to sell their products to a wider market, and for a better price. Working to promote and conserve the cultural traditions and identity expressed through indigenous art, Inca Pallay allows the wider world to experience and appreciate the artistic skills of its weavers and artisans.

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Who we are

Inca Pallay, Street Audiencia N° 97, Sucre, Chuquisaca, BOLIVIA.

Telephone: (591)-4-6461936

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A Jalq'a Supay

The Jalq'a world, like that of the human subconscious, is one of both the known and unknown, the real and the imaginary.

Called the land of Ukhu Pacha, it is the world of strange, fantastical and threatening creatures calld the khurus.... More

The design characteristics of the A wedding coupleTarabuco weavings are marked by their strong sense of symmetry, use of colour, and depiction of real life. Representing the concrete world, the weavings are ruled by a sense of natural order; depicting all aspects of the Tarabuco culture, from the natural world of plants and animals, to the Tarabuqueños themselves, the weavings should be read as an expression of real life... More