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Welcome to the Inca Pallay Shop!

In the Inca Pallay shop you wil find a range of products, all hand woven using traditional techniques, in the traditional Tarabuco, Jalq'a and Male Tapestry styles. The majority of the products are woven by female artisans, using sheep's wool and manual looms (see The Weaving Process for more details), though The organisation is increasingly working with male artisans as well, in both sheep-wool tapestries and alpaca-wool shawls and cushions. Inca Pallay offer a range of both traditional and new products, all designed with both function and attractiveness in mind.

To see the full range of products and specifications please click on the links below. Note, everything sold is hand-wash cool only, or dry-clean only. If you wish to contact Inca Pallay about placing an order, or for more information, please visit the page Contact Us. Inca Pallay are happy to send additional photographs or product details on request.

For more information on ordering, payment and postage please see Ordering Products

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  close up og a tarabuco axsu  

close up of a Jalq'a axsu

  Two "mini" pallays, Tarabuco style  

Tarabuco Axsu

  Two "mini" pallays, Jalq'a style   Two male tapestries   A selection of small Tarabuco bags  

A selection of small Jalq'a bags

  Two Tarabuco shoulder bags  
  A selection of wallets, Tarabuco style   Two Tarabuco cushions  
two Jalq'a cushions
  A selection of hand woven alpaca wool cushions   A scarf and shawl, hand woven from alpaca wool   A selection of placemats seen upon a llijlla, from Tarabuco  
  A selection of keyrings and bookmarkers, Tarabuco style   Two belts, Tarabuco style   Two belts, Jalq'a style  







Mini Weavings

small bags

shoulder bags

Purses and Wallets


Table throws and placemats

Bookmarkers and keyrings





Mini Weavings

Small Bags




male textiles:


small bags

Bookmarkers and Keyrings

alpaca wool cushions

alpaca wool scarves and shawls